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Harold Sanditen: Taking Flight
September 2011
reviewed by Elliot Zwiebach
Harold Sanditen: Shades of Blue
July 1, 2013
reviewed by Elliot Zwiebach
Anthony Santelmo Jr:
Anthony Santelmo Jr Seeks Out Wintersongs

December 2009
Jane Scheckter: Easy to Remember
April 2012
reviewed by John Hoglund
Diane Schuur: Some Other Time
April 2008
Dolores Scozzesi: A Special Taste
September 2011
reviewed by Harold Sanditen
Jennifer Sheehan: You Made Me Love You
Celebrating 100 Years of the Great American Songbook

January/February 2011
Review by Melody Breyer-Grell
Daryl Sherman: New O'leans
July/August 2008
Daryl Sherman: Johnny Mercer–A Centennial Tribute
October 2009
Rich Siegel: The Way to Peace
November 1, 2012
reviewed by John Hoglund
Marcus Simeone: At Last
January 2008
Marcus Simeone: Live from the Met
November 2010
Marcus Simeone: Haunted
January/February 2012
reviewed by Noah Tree
Marcus Simeone: The Truth About...
May 1, 2014
reviewed by Rob Lester
Scott Snapp: Without the Music
December 2011
reviewed by John Hoglund
Robyn Spangler: Why I Love Linda Ronstadt
November 2011
reviewed by Jerome Elliott
Jarrod Spector: A Little Help from My Friends—Live at 54 Below
June 10, 2014
reviewed by John Hoglund
Lyn Stanley: Lost in Romance
June 10, 2014
reviewed by John Hoglund
Curtis Stigers: Lost in Dreams
March 2010
Curtis Stigers: Let's Go Out Tonight
February 1, 2013
reviewed by Steve Murray
Klea Blackhurst & Billy Stritch
Dreaming of a Song-The Music of Hoagy Carmichael

September 2008
Rena Strober: Finding Home
September 2008
Jane Stuart: Don't Look Back
April 2011
Review by John Hoglund
Suede: Dangerous Mood
June 2009
KT Sullivan: Timeless Tunes
May 2010
KT Sullivan & Mark Nadler: A Swell Party RSVP Cole Porter
September 2007
KT Sulivan, Mark Nadler, Craig Rubano
The Night They Invented Champagne: Operetta and Its MUsical Legacy

June 2008
Stacy Sullivan: It's a Small Town
March 2009
Stacy Sullivan: It's a Good Day: A Tribute to Miss Peggy lee
March 1, 2014
reviewed by Jon Hoglund
Tierney Sutton Band: Desire
October 2009
Andrew Suvalsky: A World That Swings
November 2008
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