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D'Arcy: Don't Fence Me In
April 2008
Robert Davi: Davi Sings Sinatra–On the Road to Romance
January/February 2012
reviewed by Noah Tree
Scott Evan Davis: Cautiously Optimistic
July 1, 2012
reviewed by John Hoglund
Spencer Day: Vagabond
September 2009
Spender Day: The Mystery of You
April 1, 2013
reviewed by Steve Murray
Henry Dee: You on My Mind
June 2009
Lea DeLaria: The Live Smoke Sessions
November 2008
Sarah DeLeo: I'm in Heaven Tonight
September 2009
Dawn Derow & Sean Harkness: Music 4 Two
June 1, 2013
reviewed by John Hoglund
Jamie deRoy: Wish on the Moon
June 2011
Review by John Hoglund
Tony DeSare: Radio Show
January/February 2009
Baby Jane Dexter: You're Following Me
April 2008
Baby Jane Dexter: If
May 2009
Baby Jane Dexter: The Real World
July 2011
Review by John Hoglund
Lynn DiMenna: Fun & Fancy Free: The Music of Dinah Shore
November 2011
reviewed by John Hoglund
Denise Donatelli: What Lies Within
September 2009
Kevin Dozier: Love-Wise
September 2009
Kevin Dozier: Love's Never Lost
April 1, 2013
reviewed by Joel Benjamin
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