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Ann Hampton Callaway: At Last
January/February 2009
Liz Callaway: Passage of Time
December 2009
Liz Callaway & Ann Hampton Callaway: Boom! Live at Birdland
November 2011
reviewed by John Hoglund
David Campbell: On Broadway
January/February 2011
Review by John Hoglund
David Campbell: David Campbell Sings John Bucchino
July 26, 2014
reviewed by Elliot Zwiebach
Ruth Carlin: Moon Song
December 12, 2012
reviewed by John Hoglund
Mary Carrick: Let's Fly
June 10, 2014
reviewed by Carla Gordon
Suzanne Carrico: What Christmas Time Means to Me
December 2010
Barbara Carroll: Something to Live For
June 2010
Jim Caruso: The Swing Set
March 2011
Review by Elizabeth Ahlfors
Phillip Chaffin: When the Wind Blows South
July/August 2009
Rondi Charleston: In My Life
September 2009
Rondi Charleston: Who Knows Where the Time Goes
May 2011
Review by Rob Lester
Eric Comstock and Randy Napoleon: Bitter/Sweet
April 2011
Review by Elizabeth Ahlfors
Hector Coris: Life Is Wonderful
Mark Cote: Funhouse of Your Mind
July 1, 2013
reviewed by Elliot Zwiebach
Cynthia Crane: If I Knew Now (What I Knew Then)
December 2007
Cynthia Crane: The Time Has Come
October 2009
Robert Creighton: Ain't We Got Fun
May/June 2012
reviewed by John Hogland
Joan Crowe: In the Key of Comedy
October 2009
Tom Culver: I Remember You—Tom Culver Sings Johnny Mercer
January/February 2011
Review by John Hoglund
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