Kevin Dozier

Love's Never Lost

Brannock Productions
Kevin Dozier sings with a combination of earnestness and romantic fervor and that makes it a pleasure to spend the fifty minutes of Love’s Never Lost with him. His light tenor, which he keeps at an intimate intensity, has a slight roughness to it. The 16 songs on the CD range from American Songbook standards by Rodgers & Hart (“I’ll Tell the Man in the Street”) and Irving Berlin (“Always”) to modern greats like Flaherty & Ahrens and Julie Gold (“The Journey”).

He turns Lerner & Loewe’s “If Ever I Would I Leave You” from an anthem to an intimate love song, with just a touch of a tear in his voice, and finds the sweet innocence in Sondheim’s “Take Me to the World.” Managing to avoid the usual hip irony of “Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most” (Fran Landesman/THomas J. Wolf), he turns it into a wide-eyed, earnest lament. “Wonderful! Wonderful!,” made famous in Johnny Mathis’s exultant recording, has a softer, but no less enthusiastic feel here. Two songs meant to be low-keyed work particularly well: “Hold to My Hand” (Carol Hall/Alex Rybeck) and “What a Funny Boy He Is” (Michael Stewart/Alex Rybeck) which rivals Nancy LaMott’s definitive interpretation. Rybeck also served as musical director, arranger and orchestrator.

Kevin Dozier uses the intimacy of CD technology to speak directly to each listener and it works beautifully and almost hypnotically on Love’s Never Lost.

Joel Benjamin
Cabaret Scenes
April 1, 2013