Spencer Day

The Mystery of You

Concord Records
Spencer Day continues the exploration of his considerable talents on his latest offering—his most personal and vulnerable work to date. Filled with introspective songs of love in all its incarnations, Day this time shares some of the songwriting with his collaborators and imbues the music with his enthusiasm for the ‘60s’ spaghetti western sound popularized by Ennio Morricone and his emulators. Day is a new generation musical hybrid, influenced by the great pop and jazz vocalists while entranced with a variety of musical styles that make him hard to categorize.

His voice is maturing and always sensual and confident. Specializing in multilayered orchestrations, lush backing vocals and plenty of strings, Day’s songs become mini self-contained operettas. Where his last CD Vagabond explored themes of the traveling artist, this time Day tackles the vagaries of an open heart. The lyrics are vulnerable, sincere and universal. His tableau is the raw emotions of his own romantic journey and the stories he weaves here are rich, seductive and lush.

The title track features Day’s signature sound: modern with a nod to the past, sparkling vocals arrangements, hook-driven melodies and toe-tapping rhythms. He hits paydirt on “A Long Way” (“Black Rock City”) and in the days of hit singles, this would be one. “I’m Going Home” and “Something Wicked” display Day’s immense songwriting skills. He’s credited for producing along with new collaborators Evan Rogers, Carl Strucken and John Burk, but the sound is pure Day at his best. He’s tackled the wounded artist, the broken-hearted yet optimistic lover. All that’s left is solving world hunger and nuclear disarmament. Spencer Day could write beautiful songs about that.

Steve Murray
Cabaret Scenes
April 1, 2013