Peggy Eason

I'll Show Them All

Don't Tell Mama
New York, NY
Entering Don’t Tell Mama, I was a bit conflicted with how I would deal with the issue of Peggy Eason’s sightlessness. Her opening number, “Black, Blind and Beautiful,” instantly solved that conflict. Eason’s cheery, upbeat demeanor and many jokes about the fact that she is blind set the stage for an inspirationally delightful evening. She began her cabaret career in 2009, after retiring from the Division of Parole for the state of New York, but music has been a part of her life since childhood. Her voice is strong and, when necessary, she displays her operatic training very effectively.

Steve Allen’s “I’ll Show Them All” is really her story and she belts it out early in the show and then reprises it after her encore. Eason does a very soft “My Ship” followed by a raucous 1925 chestnut, “Vodka.” A touching story about her experiences as a Girl Scout lead into a very moving “God Bless America.” I truly believed her when she sang “Cock-eyed Optimist.” Her closer, “The Colors of My Life,” gave me an insight into how the sightless can really see. The encore, “Through the Eyes of Love,” was the perfect way to end an extremely well-thought-out show.

Ron Forman
Cabaret Scenes
June 9, 2014